Just call me a critic

April 20, 2009 at 5:44 pm (read)

You can call me self-involved, too, because I was googling myself, which I do sometimes to make sure nothing weird comes up, and I found that an article in El Pais (a spanish newspaper) from December quotes one of my Pomona newspaper articles from a few years ago. I’d written about the Hollywood trend of remaking very recent foreign films, and this article is about remakes in general.

Here’s the paragaph: Para críticos como Anne Shulock lo malo no es sólo que los grandes estudios dejen de buscar historias sino que “oculten el origen de las que están adaptando”. Como ejemplo cita el caso del director español Alejandro Amenábar y su película Abre los ojos. “Roger Ebert, probablemente el crítico de cine más célebre de los Estados Unidos, no citó ni una sola vez al original español en su pieza sobre Vanilla Sky”, se quejaba Shulock.

Which means (roughly): For critics like Anne Shulock, the problem is not only that the big studios have stopped looking for new stories, but also that “they hide the origin of the movies that they are adapting.” As an example she cites the case of Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar and his movie Abre los ojos. “Roger Ebert, probably the most famous movie critic in the United States, doesn’t mention the original Spanish version even once in his review of Vanilla Sky,” complains Shulock.




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