Knives, Cups, Buttons

September 28, 2008 at 11:24 pm (look)

In my freshman year sculpture class, we had one assignment that was to build something out of repeated units of a single material. One girl built a snowboard out of plastic knives; I built a violin out of caramel corn and Bazooka bubble gum (okay, I cheated and used two materials).


As a far, far better example of an artist who transforms everyday materials, check out Tara Donovan. She just won a MacArthur award (genius grant–DFW, RIP, won one years ago). She works with media like styrofoam cups, plastic cups, plastic straws, scotch tape, buttons and pencils, and I think the results are stunning.

This is Styrofoam cups.

This is buttons.

I’m dying to see her work in person…


1 Comment

  1. musicmissionary said,

    Wow, those pieces are gorgeous.

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