The only kind of tattoo I might actually get

August 5, 2008 at 10:02 pm (read)

A few days ago the New York Times book blog wrote this post, “Pain and Ink,” about people who get literary-themed tattoos. You can see some of the tattoos here (Most of them are from books, but some are from songs, too, and I’m digging the ellipses tattoo. There’s also a fair bit of Elvish).

So, this of course made me ask myself, what would I get tattooed, were I to get a literary tattoo? I did paintings based on two of my favorite sentences last semester, but I don’t think either would be fantastic on my body:

The beds of mums and begonias and liriope all around him were like bikinied extras in a music video, planted in full blush of perfection and fated to be yanked again before they had a chance to lose petals, acquire brown spots, drop leaves. -The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

“I love that picture of you,” she says.

“What picture?” I ask.

“That one,” she says, pointing to a picture of the Alcoholic. She picks it up, presses her finger on a blur in the background. The oil on her finger marks the glass over the unfocused girl, over me. I squint, press the glass to my face and examine. I see then that it is me. A foggy gray wind. My face is faint underneath, like panty lines. -The Long Haul, Amanda Stern

(The bolded sentence is my actual favorite, I just think it needs the context.)

Anyway, fair readers, what are your picks? What quote would you get tattooed?


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