West Side!

July 26, 2008 at 4:04 pm (watch)

No, I haven’t joined a gang. Nor have I died–long absence is due to deadline (new mag out by August 1st!).

But I have been excited by news of a bilingual West Side Story to be revived on Broadway by Arthur Laurents, who did Gypsy last year. I’ve never seen the stage show, and I do like the movie, but it’s not exactly culturally authentic (or convincing). It will be interesting to see how a non-bilingual audience responds to it. There will be supertitles, but having to look away from the stage would be distracting (although I guess operas have dealt with that for years)…

On non-related news, I’m totally excited about the olympics, and plan to watch as much of the 3,600 hours of online and tv coverage as possible with a full-time job and the Sacramento Film and Music Festival taking place at the same time–but I get upset when scandals like this one arise. Two of the gymnasts on the Chinese women’s team (which is expected to go head-to-head with the USA for the team gold) may be lying about their age (they’re maybe 14, and the minimum age is 16), but there’s no good way to tell prove it because their official Chinese documents say 16. (yay for authoritarian countries.) With this, the new steroids doc Bigger, Stronger, Faster, the current Tour de France doping problems…I hate that I can’t just be in awe of athletes and the amazing things they do, because there’s so much rule-bending going on. (The argument is that younger gymnasts are lighter and less fearful, so they’re better than when they’re older. Those poor girls peak so soon!)


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