Skinny Boys redux

June 15, 2008 at 12:24 am (look)

This is a self-referential post, but:

I recently discovered the “blog stats” feature of wordpress, which tracks how many views you get, how many people click on links, etc. It also shows “search terms people used to find your blog.”

What cracks me up is that the by far most common post searchers end up reaching is this one about skinny boys, found by the search terms “skinny male,” “skinny buff model,” “I like skinny boys,” “shoes skinny” (?–what were they looking for?) and more.

So to not disappoint anyone who stumbles upon this new post, I thought I’d better post more pictures! Sorry boys/girls like my sister who like muscle-y people.

(Hilarious bow tie!)

By the way, all these models are with Red Model Management. I think I should work there.



  1. Liz said,

    Um, the middle one on the bottom might be a bit much (or the opposite, I guess). Otherwise, well done.

    I’ve searched “skinny shoes” before–I have skinny feet and need things that fit!

  2. Julie said,

    Geez, Annie. These boys look like they could snap in half.

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