Art Collector

June 8, 2008 at 12:26 am (look)

The other day I bought my first piece of art.

It feels sort of silly to buy art because A) I have no money and B) I do my own art. But clearly, other people do better art than me, so I just used some of my graduation money on a very small portrait.

20th St. Art, a local gallery, has a 50-50 show, where artists paint 50 paintings in 50 days. Most weren’t that impressive, but then I got to these gorgeous portraits. Turns out they’re by a 16 year old (15 when she painted them) named Sarah Croft, and she was the show’s top seller–she had sold 40 by the time I saw them. There was also an article about her in the Sacramento Bee.

I’ve done my fair share of painting and looking at painting, and can say that she’s damn good. This picture doesn’t really do it justice.

I was wishing she took commissions, so she could paint my portrait (vain, I know), but then I remembered that in my closet I actually have three portraits of myself from back from high school when I modeled a couple of times for a portrait-painting class. I don’t think they particularly look like me, but I like them!



  1. Cliff said,

    How exciting! Somebody stole the boxes of books–right from under the post office’s nose, too!–I sent back home, which also contained the print collection I had slowly amassed over the years. So that (and the books) have been giving me grief.

    How big is that portrait? And if she’s only 16, look forward to her “explosion” and the day you can part with that painting with tears, but also a bank account 5000% richer.

    I like the 3rd one of you the best. It enshrouds you in mystery.

  2. bluesuedeshoes said,

    Stolen books and art?! Sad!

    The portrait is 6×6 inches. But yeah, definitely thought of how it would be cool if she made it big. When I bought it, the gallery manager said he had bought a couple with that in mind.

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