Oscars pt. 2

February 25, 2008 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

In the post-Oscars round-up, here’s my favorite analysis, referencing the god-awful dress worn by Rebecca Miller:


Daniel Day-Lewis’ wife is Rebecca Miller, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Morath. She’s a published fiction writer who’s also directed several films (Personal Velocity, The Ballad of Jack and Rose). She’s just too smart and cool to be wearing that dress unironically. I honestly suspect that she and DDL were deliberately spoofing the whole who-are-you-wearing red-carpet culture by dressing as they did—note his brown suede clodhoppers poking out from that black tuxedo (which, for all we know, he made himself during his summer interning with a master Florentine cobbler). Rebecca’s dress even has a certain Victorian/frontier-brothel vibe that may be a tribute to the period setting of There Will Be Blood. After observing him throughout this awards season, I’ve decided that Daniel Day-Lewis actually is some sort of hyperevolved exemplar of superior humanity. He’s what every doting parent falsely imagines their child to be: more beautiful, gifted, intelligent, and gracious than anyone else alive. Maybe Rebecca’s dress is her way of saying, “Fuck you, world. I’ve landed Daniel Day-Lewis and I can wear anything I want.”

From Dana Stevens at Slate.com


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