Skinny boys

February 7, 2008 at 3:09 pm (look)


Anyone who knows me knows my preferred physique for boys (see above). While my sister and most of my friends disagree and tease me, apparently the fashion world is totally on my side. There’s an interesting article today in The New York Times about how, while we’ve been caught up in a hooplah about female models being too thin, male models have been shrinking to total waifs. I personally love the aesthetic, but what about the poor handsome buff men who can’t get work?



  1. Ian Christian Myers said,

    Are you trying to tell me I should be a fashion model?

  2. Skinny Boys redux « In My Shoes said,

    […] cracks me up is that the by far most common post searchers end up reaching is this one about skinny boys, found by the search terms “skinny male,” “skinny buff model,” “I […]

  3. sandy said,

    well the buff models gets work at other fashion houses like D&G and Versace :)

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