Naked People

December 20, 2007 at 6:51 am (look)

I recently finished five paintings (well, seven–one work is a series) for my figure painting class. Here are some pictures! The paintings are all pretty large–several feet by several feet. Which one is your favorite? Or maybe you hate them all. That’s okay too, but if you tell me that don’t be surprised if you find phthalo blue oil paint over all your prized possessions.

Yes, I know he looks like Jesus. We didn’t get to pick the models or the poses. Also, this one didn’t photograph that well. There are more detail shots (of this and others) on my Flickr account if you’re interested.
This one was painted from standing on a stool, above models who were seated on the ground.


  1. riff said,

    Don’t paint my stuff blue.

    (I’m loathe to admit that I’m quite fond of the last one–is it supposed to be a triptych?)

  2. Kenton said,

    Bring on the phthalo, bitch.

    Just kidding, these are great. I think my favorite is also the series, although I like Slanted a lot too (and the shadow across the blanket in Chess looks impossibly hard too, but it’s just right!) You should be able to sell these for at least enough to get a fixer-upper-studio on the outskirts of NYC, and we can move up from there.

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