October 1, 2007 at 7:14 am (hear)

Ariel, are you still reading my blog? For those of you that aren’t Ariel and didn’t already date her in high school, you should get to know her–or at least her music.


So many people say, “I want to be a musician” without really doing anything about it, but Ariel has been self-recording albums since middle school. She writes, sings and plays piano (and is also a rocking visual artist, for the record). For the album she just released, The Vigilante, she brought in a producer and some back-up musicians for a fuller sound (although I still really like some of the sparer pieces like “Embers”). She never bites her tongue, so the songs are honest and sometimes a little creepy (“If you hurt me again,/I’ll take my scissors and I’ll cut you out/ leave a hole that I can bleed out for you…”). But for every bloody moment there’s a poppier one–I love the chorus on “Brave New World.”

You can listen to clips from the website (and buy the CD, of course). And stay tuned (like way in the future, after winter break) for the music video I’m going to make with her!



  1. Ian Myers said,

    I’m glad to see Ariel is moving forward in her music career and is staying true to herself.

    Maybe I’ll pick up this latest one on iTunes.

  2. Ariel S. Lee said,

    Ha haaaaaa…Anne you are *awesome*! As soon as I have hi-speed again I’m going to be all over this blog. I mean, you FINALLY started blogging after all my nagging (and this is way better than LJ)!

    I am so excited about winter break. I’ll send you my idea soon…if it’s lame, just say so, we’ll work things out. It’s got to be damn good.

    Thanks for the promo <3, I will talk to you soon!

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