Melting and Morphing

October 29, 2007 at 8:21 am (look, watch)

Last week I went to a Dali exhibit at the LACMA called Dali: Painting and Film. It’s interesting that if you go to the LACMA website, the image promoting the show is The Persistence of Memory (the famous melting clocks painting), even though in the exhibit that painting is way in the back, presented with no fanfare. It’s just such a famous painting that it can entice people to see the exhibit, and then they’ll learn about other things like Dali’s film collaborations with people like the Marx Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, and Walt Disney.

For the movie Spellbound, Hitchcock hired Dali to design a dream sequence. In the exhibit, you could see preparatory paintings alongside the finished sequence. Here’s the sequence:

Dali also collaborated with Walt Disney on an animated short called Destino. He began work in 1946 and Disney abandoned the project in 1947, but decades later animators dusted off Dali’s sketches and paintings, animated the film, and released it in 2003. I wonder if Dali would like the finished product. I thought it was awesome (except that the heroine looks too standard Disney princess-y)–the way animation lets shapes morph and change works well with Dali’s style and interest in images that can be read in multiple ways. I couldn’t find the whole movie (it’s about 6 minutes) but here’s two little clips (the second is bad quality–sorry).


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Waiting Room

October 25, 2007 at 12:55 am (watch)

So…long time no write. Part of it is busy-ness, part of it is going camping for Fall Break and getting stranded on Santa Cruz Island for an extra day. But I’m back to present you with this gem of a short film from the Insomnia Film Festival, sponsored by Apple.

Here’s how the festival worked: at 9 am eastern time on Oct. 13, Apple released a list of elements from which participating filmmaker groups (in high school or college) had to choose at least three to incorporate in a three-minute film made in 24 hours. Now they’re up online for viewing and voting from the public.

This film, The Waiting Room, chose sound effect: radio static; name: Robin Darjeeling; and prop: bird cage. It has a fun, whimsical tone and great music.

Watch The Waiting Room Here!

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New additions

October 13, 2007 at 8:40 am (look)

Since all the art in the My Art section of the blogroll is old, here are a couple of recent drawings (i.e. I finished the sketch about 10 minutes ago). The one of the man and woman is a detail shot–as soon as I finish the tedious stuff like hair and background I’ll post the whole thing. Also, as soon as I take my camera to the painting studio I’ll have some lovely pictures of naked people to post!




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October 5, 2007 at 6:38 am (watch)

My general dislike of kids is fairly well known, but even I melted at this commercial. Anyone want to dance?

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October 3, 2007 at 7:45 am (look)

Here is an amazing image from the Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2008 collection.


I love all the shades of pink, both on the dress and in the model’s make up, and even if you got rid of all the neck-area craziness (which I adore), you would still have a kicky, clever dress (note the shape of the pockets).

This picture also reminded me of the violin I built out of caramel corn and bubble gum three years ago in my sculpture class. The sculpture is still sitting on its piece of cardboard on a shelf above my computer at home, rock-hard but in otherwise great condition (thanks, preservatives!).





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October 2, 2007 at 9:08 am (hear, watch)

In early celebration of seeing Metric in concert tomorrow (or actually today, since it’s 2 am now), here is the new video for lead singer Emily Haines’ song “Our Hell” off her 2006 solo album. Everything is a negative image–that creepy effect where skin glows white, teeth look black and noses, cheeks and fingers seem frostbitten–but the result is beautiful. I especially love how poured and splashed liquid looks like white-hot metal and people’s eyes take on a washed-out, Modigliani-type look.

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October 1, 2007 at 7:14 am (hear)

Ariel, are you still reading my blog? For those of you that aren’t Ariel and didn’t already date her in high school, you should get to know her–or at least her music.


So many people say, “I want to be a musician” without really doing anything about it, but Ariel has been self-recording albums since middle school. She writes, sings and plays piano (and is also a rocking visual artist, for the record). For the album she just released, The Vigilante, she brought in a producer and some back-up musicians for a fuller sound (although I still really like some of the sparer pieces like “Embers”). She never bites her tongue, so the songs are honest and sometimes a little creepy (“If you hurt me again,/I’ll take my scissors and I’ll cut you out/ leave a hole that I can bleed out for you…”). But for every bloody moment there’s a poppier one–I love the chorus on “Brave New World.”

You can listen to clips from the website (and buy the CD, of course). And stay tuned (like way in the future, after winter break) for the music video I’m going to make with her!

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