I’d be totally willing to fall on my face

September 11, 2007 at 10:39 pm (look)

…if I got to wear these shoes, from Marc Jacobs’ new collection.



Looking at this shoe, I have the same reaction as when I read Cosmicomics by Calvino: Most people approach the world as if it can only be how it is–the conventions in place come to feel like the only options–but Calvino writes like he’s never experienced (or been limited by) a day on earth–and Jacobs has undermined what a shoe is or how it is “supposed” to be.

Overall the collection was sort of “Ladies who Lunch” for the demented set, and there were a few gorgeously bonkers pieces. (In the first picture, note the awesome shoes in action, and also the waist-high slit…)




1 Comment

  1. Ian Myers said,

    If there’s more give in the heel they might be throw you off balance at first, but ultimately be more comfortable.

    Er – I mean – I don’t care about shoes! I’m a man!

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