September 4, 2007 at 4:41 am (look)

Sacramento has a lot of galleries, and about 98% of them feature landscapes in oil or pastel. Northern California is beautiful, but after a while all foothills and trees start to look alike.

Earlier in the summer I saw one of Diana Jahn‘s pastel landscapes at Solomon Dubnick, and the genre actually seemed fresh. She has a beautiful sense of color, she makes trees endlessly interesting, and I love the looseness of chalk pastel (she does oil too, but I prefer the pastels). It’s one of my favorite mediums, but it’s so messy and the dust gets everywhere–including your lungs. Apparently a famous-ish artist died years ago because of decades of inhaling chalk dust (but they weren’t famous enough for me to remember who they are).

Here are a few images from her website:





More chalk news: this past weekend in Sacramento was Chalk it Up!, a festival that benefits children’s art education. All the sidewalks in a local park are covered in drawings made with nothing but sidewalk chalk and water. Some of the results are amazing. When I was a kid, I drew some pretty sweet hopscotch…courts? games? boundaries? what the hell is the correct noun?…but nothing this cool. (Pictures are from last year’s event.)


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