July 29, 2007 at 8:51 am (watch)


As in short films, not the clothing item. Today I went to a short film program that was part of the French Film Festival in the gorgeous Crest Theatre. Whenever I see short films I remember that there are millions of interesting films made every year that no one gets to see because there are so few avenues to exhibit them.

Over and over people make the argument that the internet has drastically changed how musicians, filmmakers, and writers do, publish, and exhibit work because you don’t need money to distribute your product blah blah blah–but it’s really true that the internet has provided an outlet for short films. Here are a couple of sites to get you started:

Nice Shorts

This site is Australian, but there are videos from other countries too. Definitely check out Darkness, Light, Darkness, which is a gorgeous, funny, and kind of unsettling stop-motion animation. Apparently it’s also political commentary on the state of Czechoslovakia in the late 1980s and I’m sure it’s more powerful if you know the background, but even without context it blew me away.

Little Song Films

This site has an international line-up organized in categories of video art, film poems, narratives, and music. A lot of the videos are artsy/experimental, but don’t write them off as pretentious. I’m sure some are, but others are really pretty–Cloudland, in the video art category, would make an amazing screensaver, and that’s not an insult–it means I could watch it all day and still find the images beautiful. Also watch “The man with the crystal fingertips” in the music category for the best street musician ever.

Check them out, and let me know some of your favorites.


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