Beautiful people

July 3, 2007 at 7:20 am (look)

When I was younger, I taught myself to draw by copying pictures of celebrities out of magazines. I still have a folder full of pencil sketches of Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless, Gwen Stefani circa Tragic Kingdom, Christy Turlington from an Oui Perfume ad, and tons more. As I got older and learned more about art, I tried (and still try) to be more conceptual, to push my art farther and make it challenging and arresting…but really, I just want to draw people. (I suppose the real success would be to draw challenging and arresting portraits, like these–go to “selected works” then “drawings”.)

Here are some portraits by one of the most successful modern figurative artists, Elizabeth Peyton. She got famous in the mid-90s with her colorful paintings and drawings of her friends and celebrities like the Gallagher brothers from Oasis, Kurt Cobain, Princes Harry and William, and Eminem. Her work is simple but disarming–often close-ups that strip away the glitz and show both the vulnerability of her subjects and her admiration of their beauty. Most importantly, Peyton helped reintroduce people as legitimate subjects for serious art. Admittedly her pieces start to blur together after awhile because most of her friends are skinny and androgynous and brunette, but I when I flipped through this book of her work I was still engaged after 200 pages. Enjoy.





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    […] I mean hearted, or rather both. I draw and paint like I have a broken arm. Probably if my hand can paint and draw as good as these or something near to these paintings then I could definitely hang it on my wall and even do it for […]

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