June 23, 2007 at 2:14 pm (look)

I have been in Madrid, home of the famous golden triangle of world-class museums, for about five months. I feel like I could have spent most of that time staring at Hieronymous Bosch (El Bosco)’s El Jardín de Las Delicias (The Garden of Earthly Delights) in the Prado and still not have run out of things to look at, or come any closer to getting inside the head of this wacko artist. The painting, despite being from 1504, looks like a modern psychedelic fantasy world, and unfortunately many of the details won’t translate well from a huge triptych to a small image file… (the three images are the left, center, and right panels respectively).




Press an art-lover to pick their favorite painting and they’re likely to whimper at the difficulty of the task, but this might be mine, in spite of the fact that my aesthetic is usually minimalist and this is anything but. Here are two other front-runners:


Gustav Klimt, Portrain of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907


Hans Hofmann, Cathedral, 1959 (it’s more fuchsia in real life).



  1. Ariel said,

    I ADORE Bosch. I live for him! He is my painting idol! Haha…I was so happy to see this on the blog. Oh, not to mention this whole blog is cool. It has such a nice layout– simple yet sleek. :)

  2. Kenton said,

    This makes me feel all the shittier for never having made it to the Prado. I’ll wait while your wrath rains down on me…

    …I know, I blew it, and this painting looks fantastic. Also, I really like the way your blog is written. Very neat and clean and interesting, and without “ooh look what I think” pretention. I think we could be good friends, plz snd foto (hott!!) & nfo to laterzzz!!!

  3. Julie said,

    Awesome blog!

    Also, don’t listen to anything Kenton says. I love you more than he ever will.

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